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Anahata Olympia

BRI b 24 03
color: chocolate spotted bi-color

birth date: 03-Oct-10
age: 8 year 11 month 17 days
breeder: Anna Shulman

litters :


Personality and Information

Olimpia is a Electra's daugther. We leaving her in the catetry to have some more spotted chocolate babies from her. She is incredibly beautiful with pure white and dark chocolate spots. She also very nice and tender girl.
Blood type A.
FelV, FIV - Negative.

Olympia is looking for a good forever home now.
She has a behavior issues since when she was a little kitten, but as we know her now she overcome it.
She was not very happy with people, but she was very good with other cats.
We need a very responsible owner for her, who will always pay attention to her, after all she is just very sensitive cat, who requires little more attention.
She probably will not be good at a noisy house with children, but we are looking for quiet home for her.
Due to her issues I am also not asking for any fee for her, but I will be looking for very responsible owner.

Anahata - British Shorthair Cattery

Sir: Charmin from Sham of Anahata
BRI c 03 - lilac white

Anahata - British Shorthair Cattery

Dam: TGCH Anahata Electra
BRI b 22 - chocolate classic tabby



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