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Understanding the process of buying the kitten

Step 1: Reserving a Kitten

1. Kittens become available for reservations at age of 1 month weeks old and when their first photos are posted on the web site.
2. At the same time we will be sending newsletter to inform about available kittens. If you willing to know about kitten availability, please subscribe to cattery newsletter here. This is the best way to receive information about available kittens and adult cats available for adoption. You also welcome to inquire about kittens by filling out kitten request form.
3. If you are interesting in reserving the kitten, please, contact the cattery and insure that kitten is available and inquire about kitten price.
4. If you are 100% sure that you want to buy the kitten, go to kitten page, and press reserve kitten link (when available).
5. Read carefully reserve kitten form and if agree, please, fill the form and press submit. Please read and understand the Agreement. Do not print it yet. You will receive filled out agreement by email after submitting the kitten reservation form (take about 1-2 days to process). If you have any questions while you filling the form, please contact cattery by email.
6. You required to send personal check or money order with reservation fee within 5 working day from submitting the reservation request. Please follow instructions after submitting the form. Kitten become Reserved only after check received and processed. Until that time kitten is in Pending status and if payment not received by 5 business days, kitten become available to others. Reservation fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
7. After reservation payment is processed, you will receive the filled contract that you will need to print, sign and send us back in regular mail or scanned.
8. By receiving the signed contract from you, cattery will send you signed contract back.

Step 2: Waiting kitten to grow

1. Read agreement and understand it.
2. Prepare all necessary things for the kitten.
3. Please read cattery recommendations about kitten food, litter, etc.

Step 3: Preparing for Kitten Shipment

1. The next payment (rest of the amount plus shipment fee and other fees may be applied) must be received before kitten is shipped. If payment not received by the date kitten scheduled to fly, kitten will not fly and purchase is canceled. Payments received after scheduled fly date are not accepted. If you still willing to pay and take the kitten the late fee plus extra changes will be applied to the amount (such as doctor's visit and additional vaccinations fees).
2. We using Airlines Pet Cargo services for the kitten shipments. In some areas, like New Mexico this service unavailable and we might use other airlines. Shipping price may vary from airline to airline. This payment also need to be received before scheduled flying date.
3. Flying schedule will be mailed to you few days before kitten fly date (reservation at most airlines needs to be done 24 hours prior fly) as well as pickup location and air company phone numbers. You will be able to choose from some flying times before and date if they are available. You also can contact airline directly to see what flights are available from Denver(DEN) to destination airport.

Step 4: Shipment Day

1. At date of kitten shipment you will be available for calls and by email and pickup the kitten. Tracking number will be mailed to you after we putting kitten on a flight. You can call air company directly to ensure about late flights or pickup location address.
2. We are asking you to email or call cattery as soon as you receive the kitten.
3. You do not suppose to receive any documents with the kitten.

Step 4: What to expect after

1. You will receive vaccination record by mail or e-mail. We usually doing the first round of FCRPV vaccinations and you will need to do another round within 4 weeks from date of first vaccination.
2. If the kitten was sold as PET you will need to spray/neuter him/her at age 7 month or later. After this procedure, please mail us the proof from the vet and we will send you registration papers for the kitten (blue slip - we registered in TICA cat organization). If kitten sold as show or breeding you will receive registration papers from the TICA by email.
3. It takes about 2 day to 2 weeks for kitten to adjust to a new home. Be patient and try to give him/her as much time as needed, but also try to communicate with him/her as much as possible.
4. It is a good idea to put him/her first at some place that you can close when you are not at home for the first days, kittens can find very tiny places in house, that you not aware of, and hide there sleeping for hours.
5. Kittens usually are not recognizing their names at that age, you can start calling her/his (new) name as soon as possible and it could take about couple weeks or even month to kitten to recognize it. If there is other pets or cats in the house, it might take longer then usual.
6. Most kittens become social and start to came out and not hide more often after 2-3 days. For some it could took little longer. Also most likely if you keeping him/her in the bedroom they will come to sleep with you at night. Each kitten has different personality and cattery can't really predict how kitten will behave in a new home. We guarantee that our kittens will be social, will have very good stable nervous system. It is a lot depends on your home environment and many other factors. The best prediction that we can give is that kitten will have same personality as his/her parents.
7. Kitten may not eat for first day or even two, or you will not seen him/her eating. Most likely kitten will eat when you are sleeping. You can check the litter box to be sure if she/he is eating and drinking. If you don't see kitten drinking water for more then 2 days and her/his litter box is empty, please consider to take him/her to the vet. He/She might not eat little longer.
8. If you see any unusual unhealthy conditions to the kitten after fly, like sneezing, eye or nose discharge, please first contact cattery and wait about 2 days before going to the doctor. K kittens can get a flu on a flight and it might be caused by stress during the flight. If symptoms are not over within 2-3 days, please go to the vet.
9. Kitten might like the food that he/she ate at the cattery, we are feeding the kittens Royal Canin Kitten (4-8 month) and Royal Canin Indoor. They might like Indoor even more then kitten's one.
10. It is very important to maintain good diet for a cat. Actually it is most important thing in cat health. Please, buy only premium dry food. If you not sure about specific brand you can contact the cattery for advise. Please do not buy any food at general supermarkets like King Soopers , Wallmart, Target etc., they don't carry premium brands. Check you closest pet specializing store.
11. We almost never giving kittens canned food, it is not a good source of nutrition for the kittens. You can give it as a snack.
12. Here the list of food you could give to the kitten or cat together with dry food: rare beef meet, cooked chicken without bones, rare eggs yellows, 5% half and half, canned tuna in water. Cats might like other strange things, you can always try. They most likely will not like fruits, vegetables, pork and other fatty meet. They might like milk and cooked seafood, maybe bacon or pastrami. Fish is not good food for cats.
13. Some kittens not like anything except dry food and it is ok to feed the cat only dry food.
14. We never limit cat on food, cat should always have access to the water and dry food.

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